Your customers could be at risk.

CitrusWirx2 can help by reducing contaminants.

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Not just in Grocery

Customer safety is important in all industries from department stores to hardware stores.

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Close up of CitrusWirx dispenser lid showing locking mechanism

Convenient Locking Mechanism

The dispenser lid attaches to the mounting bracket with a simple twist. No fighting with latches or locks.

CitrusWirx hardware mounting bracket

Hardware Included

The included mounting bracket and screws are a one-size fits all soluton that can be affixed directly to a wall or secured to the mounting stand for a freestanding dispenser.

Safety Considerations

Grocery stores may not be safe from infectious bacteria.
Repeated studies have shown potentially harmful organisms collecting on shared surfaces across a variety of stores.

72% Coliform Contamination

A 2012 study found that Coliforms were detected on 72% of tested carts and E. coli was found on 51% of tested carts.
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75% Harmful Bacteria

A 2017 study found that across 100 stores, 75% of the tested carts contained potentially harmful bacteria.
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41% Enterobacteria Contamination

A 2018 study found that across 85 shopping carts, enterobacteria were found on 35 carts (41.17%).
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